Need Help

I’m in need of help. I owe over $106,000 in medical bills to hospital, Docs, and Ambulance service, plus I need some cash to make it through to year’s end. I am terminally ill and unemployable. Waiting for Social Security Disability which now takes two years to get. 😦 Some of these bills are pre-insurance, some copays and deductibles and mistakes by the providers (for example waiting too long to submit the bill to insurance).

If you can help I’d be very appreciative. Click on the green gofundme button below. If not please send prayers, best wishes, healing vibes. Me and my bad heart and lungs want to be around as long as possible.

Thank you!

GoHelpMe – Donations

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Lynch Syndrome

I Have Lynch SyndromeRecently Roswell Park Cancer Institute Genetics Services tested me for Lynch Syndrome a genetic mutation in which a gene is malformed; this gene helps suppress cancer growth and without it there is an uptake in the prevalence of many cancers most especially colorectal cancer with a 400%-800% probability of appearing and a 50/50 chance of passing the gene malformation unto your children.

I took the test, a simple but expensive test if your insurance doesn’t cover it due to the amount of cancers on my father’s side of the family and after a long wait of 3-1/2 weeks I received a phone call saying the test came back positive and that because of the high familial cancer rate I’d be in the 800% chance of colorectal cancer.

Very bad news. You see because of my bad heart and lungs I can’t have surgery or chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Good news regular colonoscopies will usually pickup cancerous polyps so they put me on 6 month screenings.

There are additional screenings such as an Upper-GI ever  few years, Urine testing for Bladder cancer, and more. There are additional tests beyond those for men for women such as Uterine cancer.

I’m posting this because most people aren’t aware of Lynch Syndrome. At least a few more will if they read this.


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Too Cute

This is just too cute not to repost.

As a former owner of kittens and cats I can attest to the fact that there is nothing more relaxing, stress reducing, and smile inducing than playing with a kitten or a cat.

Watch. Enjoy.

Merry Catmas to Meow All!

Merry Catmas to Meow All!

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Triangle (Chiller)

Chiller – Triangle
29.03.2014 07:00-09:00

Yacht passengers encounter mysterious weather conditions that force them tojump onto another ship, only to have the odd havoc increase….

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A New Year


A Belated Happy New Year to you all!

It’s been a busy new year for me already. I’ve started Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, have a visiting nurse and new and better insurance so I’ve been able to change back to my old pharmacy, “Mobile Pharmacy Solutions” and required a new DME provider for oxygen supply. And that’s just the beginning. I’m looking forward to a Palliative Care Program and better pain management.

I’ve had good reports from both OT and PT and have already started to increase my mobility in a short few weeks.

I hope this year will be as fun, rewarding, and productive for you as I expect it to be for me.

Stay well, my friends. Dream big. Relish life. 😎✌

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The Doglady’s Den

Please visit my friend Debbie’s blog at THE DOGLAY’S DEN for a host of interesting, funny and thought provoking entries. Debbie is an excellent writer and is well versed on the topics she writes about.

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Thank You!

Just a brief note to those of you who sent comments to me via the website, some anonymously.

I’m very glad you enjoy and use the site. I tried to make it fun yet interesting and different. I had no expectations for the site a I created it and certainly no idea that it would become so popular. Neither I or the site are going anywhere so please keep enjoying it, sharing it, and even copy and paste your results into your blog


The Birthday Calculator

What Your Name Means

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The Stuff Of Life

There are a few things in life I particularly enjoyed. Cheese, pasta, chicken, fish, hamburgers and tea, iced and hot.

Recently I decided to use up some frozen foods that have been sitting in the freezer for longer than I care to mention. Since they were well packaged freezer burn did not seem an issue so I decided there was only one thing to do, eat it. After all, there are children in India going to bed hungry. 🙂

Early in 2012 Omaha Steaks sent me one of those “We missed you letters” offering a decent deal on steaks and fish, plus free shipping. I had eaten the fish, sole stuffed with artificial crab and smothered in butter that would make a cockroach a tasty treat and the pork chops. But now came the moment for the beef.

I’ve not been much of a beef fan except for veal and hamburgers. I’ve even preferred vegetable lasagna. I did not know how to cook the beef. I wasn’t looking for recipes but for timing and methods. I chose to use my electric grill.

My first attempt was a NY Strip steak. I followed the directions I had found on-line to cook it well done. Much to my surprise it came out medium rare and I loved it!

And so it went with the remaining NY Strip, all done with onion and mushrooms. One in a tomato sauce, the Top Sirloin and 3 cheap Chuck Steaks.

I found the secret of beef that everyone seemed to share but me. Cooking it your own way. My way is Medium rare to medium. My mom always cooked cheap beef well done for my father who was paranoid that under cooked beef, as he called it in his words,  would lead to trichinosis and death. He never pronounced it correctly. So my mom cooked it very well done and very hot, another thing he insisted upon. So hot you could hear him suck the food down rather that chew, taste and enjoy.

This is not to blame my mother. She cooked the way the bread-winner wanted it, and he did work hard all his life in factories. No one’s to blame it’s just the way it was. Different generation, different times. Things have changed but I guess  some of us change more slowly.

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Attack Of The Medical Vampyre!

Yes, today was the day. I could taste the blood as it flowed from me into the medical vampyre’s cold glass-like system through a sharp and cold spear shining with the morning sunlight.

He was bigger than I. His hands were those of a giant. He knew what he wanted and he was certain to get it: Blood! My blood! I had no chance of resisting him. He was as is a gargoyle coming down upon me.

Three vials where filled by the force of vacuum. I was weak from lack of food or drink. One vile was  for an A1C test, another for Cholesterol and the final a Complete Metabolic Panel.

These three would govern my life for the next year. Was I anemic, cholesterol laden, was my blood glucose under control or rising wildly causing unforeseen nerve damage?

The Medical Vampyre would know with-in a day, 6 days for me.

I will return and tell you whether the Medical Vampyre says Yay or Nay to my weary soul.

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News from Albany

Feds give conditional approval to New York exchange Uninsured New Yorkers and small businesses can expect to begin applying for insurance through a New York exchange in October 2013. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services gave a conditional “go-ahead” to the state to operate its own health insurance exchange. The conditional approval was granted based on progress the state has already demonstrated and the expectation that it will be ready for 2014. New York is one of the first states in the nation to receive conditional approval from HHS for a state-based online marketplace. New York officials expect approximately a million people will receive health insurance through the exchange. If this occurs, it could reduce the percentage of New Yorkers without health insurance from 16 percent to 10 percent. Traditionally upstate New York’s uninsured rate has been lower than the state average.

The next step is for the exchange to invite health plans to apply to participate. Customer service and marketing programs will launch in June and July to prepare for enrollment effective January 2014. New York has received more than $183 million in federal grants to help plan the exchange. The Department of Health recently submitted an application for another $190 million to fund the exchange through 2014. The Department expects the costs of running the exchange to be $100 million per year after 2015.

For the conditional approval letter:

For a blueprint of the exchange:

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