SimpleTech SimpleDrive 250 GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive ( STI-USB235/250 )

The new drive arrived on Tuesday (about 5 days ago). It has lived up to expectations. Even though it’s a USB drive it’s pretty fast. The one slow case seems to be copying from a DVD to the USB drive. I suspect the DVD drive is the slowpoke in that scenario. This morning I wrote a CD-R from the External USB drive to the External USB DVD rewriter. No problems or slowdowns. That surprised me a bit. I haven’t tried writing to a DVD from the USB drive yet. Both drives are USB 2.

I’m using the drive principally for backup, short-term storage of large files, and for easy access to media files (copied from DVDs). Large video files played from the drive do not show slowdowns or pauses.

While an internal IDE drive is the preferred way to go, in cases were you want portability or have fully used the internal drive bays, or you simply don’t want to open the computer case for any number of reasons, then I highly recommend this drive. It has lived up to my expectations and usage patterns for a reasonable price.

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