Talking about Birthday Calculator

June has been a big month but the Coast link didn’t really bring in that many users. Folks passing around the URL via email or their blogs still appear to be a major driving force.

Thanks to various visitors who sent comments, I’ve added a few new features. I’ve added birth trees and birthstone descriptions, and for those whose birthday happens to be 29 Feb I’ve added the number of days till the next occurance of 29 Feb. One or two remaining suggestions may need to be implimented as separate pages.


Birthday Calculator

The Birthday Calculator is bringing in about 500,000 people a day now. Tuesday night/Wed morning it was on the Coast To Coast AM website. In May it was a Kim Komando Kool Site of the Day. My referrers lead me to a web page saying WABC-TV featured it one day too.

It’s interesting what kind of things take off and how they grow and/or sink.

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