Webhost Change

Due to the hiogh traffic volume for the Birthday and Numerolgy pages I have had to move PaulSadowski.com to a new web host. Hopefully all the migration glitches have been fixed now.
I must say I’m very disappointed by my former host ReadyHosting. One morning I receive an email, a form letter, saying the site had been throttled by them. Recognizing the high traffic volume I did not object to that. What I did object to was their total failure to answer any customer service requests on this issue by email or trouble ticket to discuss the matter even after I moved the high traffic pages to another site. They made the choice to just ignore me so I moved the entire site and demanded a refund for the remaining time on the contract. 
PaulSadowski.com is now hosted on 1and1.com with a high traffic package. Since the package can host multiple domains I’ll be moving some others there too. You can learn more about 1and1 hosting by clicking HERE. They offer a variety of packages from personal to developer to mail only, sharepoint and Exchaneg Server at good pricing and a realiable, steady, rock solid service… plus 24×7 phone support.
As a side note, though the high traffic package costs 2-1/2 times what I paid readyhosting, I get 8 times the disk space (4GB), 100GB of traffic, hosting for 5 domains. ASP.NET, MS SQL and much more which when you add it all up with the other domains moved to 1and1 I’m at least breaking even in the long run with many new features to use. Plus you can continue to use and recomend the Birthday Calculator at http://www.paulsadowski.com/birthday.asp for your enjoyment.
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