Moving along slowly…

Finally got the new television all setup. Lovely picture and sound. It’s a Sony 27" FD Trinitron WEGA TV KV-27FS120. Perhaps I’ll find the time to use it sometimes.  I discovered though that my standalone DVD player which hasn’t been used since April of 2004 no longer reads any discs. The old VCR appears to have some life left in it but it has a tendency to eat tapes, so instead of buying a new DVD player and a new VCR I decided to go with a DVD Recorder. I found two reasonably priced models, the ilo DVDR05 and the LiteOn LVW-5005 & 5005X. After reading lots of user forums I decided not to rsik getting the slightly cheaper ilo and went with the liteOn 5005 (not the 5005X) from NewEgg. It appears NewEgg no longer has the 5005, just the 5005X.
So far, it seems a great choice. It’s very easy to setup and use, and the cost was about the same as the cost of a new DVD player and VCR. I’ve recoded several hours to a Sony DVD+RW, viewed and erased them and the recording quality was just fine. I used 4 hour mode.
I’ve yet to try recording some video tapes to DVD but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as the VCR doesn’t eat the tapes.
This is another example of the beauty of the Internet. My impulse was to get the ilo for $95 (on sale at Wal-Mart) rather than the LiteOn for $128 until I saw the user comments on the ilo. For a small savings I would have been subject to possible disc errors and failures to finalize the discs.
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