New Birthday Content

I’ve added a few things to the Birthday Calculator I’ve added the number of births, deaths, marriages and divorces and the population for the US for the year you were born. Due to the limited availability of statistics the births stats are limited to the years 1940 and later.
A few people have suggested that I add life exptancy to the data but that just doesn’t feel right to me, and presents some difficulty. Life expectancy is a complicated issue which includes factors such a life style, gender and ethnicity. At the very least it would require additional user input, and who wants to read that the average life expectancy for your age group might be only a few years away for you. Not suitable, in my opinion, for a fun page.
I did come up with another idea as I wrote this very entry which should be both fun and interesting and a weird bit of party trivia with which you can impress your family and friends, and parents!
I’m going to try to add it as soon as posisble. This week, certainly, I hope. Look for an announcement here.
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