The Latest iPod

The newest incarnation of the Apple iPod arrived just yesterday. It’s the one that plays video.
Mine is black in colour, 60GB with a 2.5" colour display.
Missing from the package is the charger that came with my 20GB white monochrome iPod.
Another noticeable, and annoying, difference is that the so-called click-wheel is more sensitive than on the older model. One has to be a bit careful to select the correct song, picture, play list or video.
Surprisingly, on this model I can both feel and hear the hard drive. This is most noticeable, of course, on larger files such as videos.
There’s a noticeable delay when starting videos, even fairly small videos. The display is nice and crisp but in some lighting it’s also a bit bright for my tastes. There’s no display adjustments to tinker with.
The biggest problem is that I’ve had to reset the iPod several times either to turn it off or to get it out of pause while viewing a video. This is not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination.
It plays only MP4 videos and surprisingly not videos ripped on a Mac from DVD with Apple’s own software. I’m using Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter to convert existing files for use on the iPod. The attached picture isn’t the best but illustrates an actual video being played, One Foot In The Grave – The Beast Within, converted by the above software from an AVI file.
Overall, I’m a bit disappointed. At $400 I think I would have preferred a player that plays more file types and has a larger display, 4 or 4.5" would be more suitable for video viewing.
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