HDTV Set Top Box

Purchased a Sylvania HDTV Set Top box (Model 6900DTE).
The unit provides both HDTV and HDTV to NTSC conversion. Also 16:9 aspect ratio for those sets that support it. My Sony does. Seemed to me this was a good way to get the extra digital chans. and better reception since the digital broadcasts are on UHF chans. with a pre-amplified indoor antenna. It can connect via component, composite or S-Video. Audio via RCA cables. It supports Smart Antennas as well as cable, satellite and off-air antennas.
It works with my VCR, Sony TV, ViewSonic VB50HRTV tuner and my DVD recorder converted to NTSC 4:3 format. At the same time it will work with any HDTV Ready monitor should I choose to purchase one in the future.
The unit supports simultaneous output of component, composite and s-video. I have not tested that feature.
It does not tune NTSC standard broadcast chans. but that’s not an issue since the devices I’m using it with can all easily be switched over to those inputs through their built-in tuners.
The results so far are excellent connected via an S-Video cable. Of course, off-air broadcasts still require a decent UHF antenna suitable for your area.
It does not have a built-in timer, digital Dolby audio converter or other advanced features but is a suitable under $200 set top converter. I’m pleased over all with its performance.
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