Teacher Teacher

I’ve said it before. This guy ho has failed in other cities as hired at nearly $250K for one purpose, to harass if not break the teacher unions. His current record remains undistinguished to be kind; but he excels at union bashing breaking his own rule of retuning troubled and violent students to the alternate school.

"In his State of the Schools address, Superintendent Dr. James Williams told the business community he is personally involved in raising standards and helping children move forward.

Last November 17, at Performing Arts High School on Clinton Street, at least five students jumped another student in a classroom, which led to the injury of a chemistry teacher.

Now, Dr. Williams is allowing those five students to return to the school.

Williams said, "I saw the positive things in these young men, and I saw the families coming together to help their children. They made a mistake."

But, according to a Buffalo Teachers Federation investigation, prior incidents involving some of the students in question include two prior suspensions for weapons possession, and informal suspensions for leaving class and not attending detention.

BTF president Phil Rumore said, "…that the students should not be returned to that school, and where appropriate, the ones that were severely violent ones should not be in that school; they should be in the alternative school."

Buffalo parent Tony Marrale said, "It was absolutely wrong. It’s setting a terrible example for other students, that they can get away with this, and these kids are allowed back in there. Terrible thing."

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