I’m Not Dead Yet 2!

Next stop Hawthorn Health, a subacute care facility for proper physical therapy.

Again, I left ECMC barely able to stand and take a few steps with a walker. It was late afternoon when I arrive at Hawthorn. They provide me with a meal. TV coming the next day. My roommate just turned 84 and was a bit hard of hearing but was a really fun guy.

Laying in bed I wonder about PT and what this latest stop in my journey will be like.

The next day a very nice lady comes with a wheelchair and takes me for up to 2 hours of PT. It’s group PT so that two hours wasn’t as threatening as it sounded. Most of the people there were significantly older than I. Despite the clumsy and feeble PT @ ECMC here with the help of one of the  PTs I walked with a walker about 20 feet my first morning.

One of the OTs, Wendy, came up with some very helpful exercises for my lower back which really needed work. She was a pleasure, as were most of them in that dept. I went from being a reluctant attendee to be addicted to morning PT.

Back upstairs the atmosphere was totally different than ECMC. I can’t say I have much in common with most of the other inmates who were 25+ years older than I but the nurses were mostly friendly and fun and I could go outside or zoom around the corridors of the place in my wheelchair.

By the end of my 3 weeks there I was walking unescorted with a cane.

Hawthorn Health ~$8,600 3 weeks
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