I’m Not Dead Yet 3!

After three weeks at Hawthorn I had no place to go. The old house is being worked on. The new house is still going through the sale process. So, in the meantime I’m here at Alterra Wynwood of Kenmore an assistive living center. Basically it’s like a hotel suite. I’m in a ‘respite suite’ which means that it is for temp. residents and the rooms are furnished. They clean and provide three meals in the dining room. Nurses  and aides re available at extra cost.

The food here is quite good usually. The room has a small kitchenette with a small refrigerator/freezer and a microwave. A local market delivers grocery orders once a week. The cable TV service provided is the lowest service level available. It’s the local stations, 2 Toronto stations, C-SPAN and shopping chans. Hawthorn provided free basic cable.

I’m one of the younger people here but the seniors here are not like at Hawthorn. Most of them here vibrant and friendly.

It’s been a nice stay. It’s like a hotel rather than health related, but I’m anxious to get back home, to some permanency, to my computers, broadband, my videos and my music. It’s been almost 3 months away now.

Alterra Wynwood of Kenmore $125/day (no services)
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