Why You Should Change Your Underwear…

The other day I was listening to an MSNBC personality on a national radio show promoting her documentary, as she called it. I listened and I listened intently not because of her mesmerizing presentation or because the character of the content. No, I listened intently because she was on a cell phone and perhaps only 80% was understandable.

This was it! The perfect example, I thought. In one neat little package this audio event summarizes the lack of professionalism that is broadcasting today.  Dare I say it even symbolizes the utter contempt with which these modern ‘journalists’ view us, the listeners, the viewers, the readers of their works.

Ask yourself why would anyone in any profession promote themselves and their work in a way that is anything less than professional?

When you can’t spend 10 minutes sitting at a land line to promote your work then you show us how little you care about it. You show us that you are only going through the motions. You show us how little your own work means to you.

Calling in a radio show from a cell phone is like showing up on casual Friday in you dirty underwear. Either you’ve been living on another planet where cell service has been neatly perfected or you just don’t care what others think of you and your product. You know a good chunk of your cell conversation will be unlistenable, and that a further large section will just sound ugly. But you don’t care. You have so little respect for us that you show up in your dirty underwear unconcerned about our party or what we think. You’re making an appearance. Doing your duty. Filling the time. That’s all.

If you can’t respect us enough to present yourself so that we can hear and understand you then I don’t think we can respect your work. For if you can’t spend 10 minutes sitting still at a real phone, I doubt you could put in a proper effort into your work, and provide us with something of value.

Coming next: Journalism, A World Of Misery

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