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Not much!

I watched the news recently, both local and international. I can’t say I’m better informed because frankly they seemed more misery fests. rather than news programs.

That’s right. News is no longer a summary of key events in the world, it’s instead a festival of misery, fire, blood and fools.

It would appear that one of the first things taught in journalism school is how to be orgasmic when an elderly woman breaks down into tears, or when you can stand in front of a building completely engaged by fire, or when you can get video or pictures of dead bodies. These are things news is made of today!

Yes, I do exaggerate. It’s not all like that. There’s the lost puppy dog news and the returning home soldier stories, neither of which requires much time, effort or knowledge of subject.

A few years back I noted that local news still lead the pack over national and cable because people demanded some substance from the stations that immediately served them. But now thanks to budgetary restrictions and manning costs, all but the larger city newsrooms have fallen into hit and run journalism where sensation and innuendo rule over substnace and accuracy and meaning.

In my day, journalism was a respected profession. Now I suspect they fall under trashmen and used car salesmen.

Times changes, and not always for the better.

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