Listen To Me Or Die!

Every day someone on television or radio is telling me how unless we or our children do as they say, believe as they do, act as they say that they do then we will die or become fat or depressed or intellectually deficient or  poverty-ridden unfulfilled unactualized social pariah.

It’s only an amazing Darwinian fluke that has allowed mankind to survive so far without experts telling us what to do and whom to vote for.

I suppose it all started with open enrollments of the 1960’s. It was indeed a good idea to allow anyone to prove themselves in college that they were capable of the demands of college, but as the college population grew, as dollars rolled into schools, the dollars became more important than the education. Standards were weakened and the degrees cheapened.

So, not long to follow was the need for everyone to go to college. No university was safe from high school diploma wielding sheephead. College was now an expectation, in fact, a presumption. Another step in the direction of diploma mills.

How could you as a sensitive socially aware institute of education not lower standards, not create insipid new programs for those who could not make it anywhere near the traditional academic fields. For you were keenly aware that every job, no matter how lowly, now required "some college" if not a full-blown diploma.

But that wasn’t enough. The lake was full. The job market bloated with B.As and M.B.A.s and umpteen middle-managers. So the Mickey Mouse brigade with useless diplomas in sociology, rehabilitation therapy, history of statues and monuments, etc etc. created their own jobs. They pass themselves off as experts telling you when to eat (why are 90% of dieticians and nutritionists overweight?), how your kid must be suicidal if he watches 12 minutes more television than some average, buy floating mortgages — no, fixed rate is the fad today! Seems expert knowledge changes based on whatever sells at the moment.

So, remember, next time you hear an expert tell you about how carrots will save you life, be sure to listen not only for your own good but for the good of the economy as well!

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