Advertising Our Lives Away

We’ve become so divorced from anything resembling realty as to believe that we can solve problems by making expensive television commercials about them. We advertise away drug addictions, tobacco usage, spousal abuse, and a whole pool of diseases and illness.

Every year hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent advertising away problems. Hundreds of millions of dollars going to advertising agencies, film producers and broadcast stations.

They even protest that they are a big success. Though I’ve yet to figure out how the numbers of smokers can decline while sales are up. Surely, it’s not because they’ve demonized smoking so people just don’t report their usage honestly anymore. No, thanks to advertising there are few smokers and smokers extant are for some reason just smoking a heck of a lot more than ever.

But it feels good, doesn’t it, to think that a commercial here and a billboard there will solve the drugs problems; will stave off emergency; reverse famine and hunger and homelessness?

Yes, we don’t need to do anything because television advertises the problem away. If by any chance some lingering bit of reality should pop through then there’s big and bigger televisions with greater resolution to distract from any lingering doubts.

Technology, politics and capitalism all in perfect harmony.

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