Cat Shows

Have you ever watched one of those documentaries on television about cat shows? I’v seen a few now and each time I see on I’m reminded that despite the protest of the cat owners who say they love their cats, they certainly do not. Perhaps they even hate their cats but certainly they are indifferent at the least to their cats.

Look at the cats. Do they look happy? Not to me. They are caged much of the time. They are forced to be passive and lazy. They hardly play and if one watches them with their owner they do not show affection but rather they tolerate the owner’s clumsy handling of them. Watch them in their cages. Do they reach out to passersby for a little affection? Cats have been breed to need and seek out human attention. These cats don’t show that. They are like model on drugs, emotionless and pliable and looking good.

Next time you attend a cat show or see one on television, think about how a pet cat behaves and interacts with the world. Then look at the cats on show?

Are owners who show cats really abusing cats? Think about it!

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