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3,000,000 Channels

Let’s see. What’s on: Police Academy (one of the worse movies ever made)30 Most Outrageous Celebrity FeudsMSNBC Guys traps another guy on IMTop 10 Las Vegas Pools (Don’t miss it!)Flip This House (Because the housing market is just booming)At the … Continue reading

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Cops & Bullies: One And The Same

It’s interesting to watch early episodes of COPS in which the producers tried to present squeaky clean looking cops who kissed their girlfriends and played with their kids then went out into the big bad evil world of policing. It’s … Continue reading

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The Olympics: Political & Corporate Propaganda At Its Peak.

Everything about the Olympics seems a sad and sorry story. Let’s face it the athletes are freaks of nature. They do not represent the average man and woman or even citizen of a country. Their contribution to this world is … Continue reading

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