The Olympics: Political & Corporate Propaganda At Its Peak.

Everything about the Olympics seems a sad and sorry story.

Let’s face it the athletes are freaks of nature. They do not represent the average man and woman or even citizen of a country. Their contribution to this world is suspect and specious. So you swim faster than some others? Big deal? How does this improve my life or the world generally?

The media criticizes the Chinese for enhancing some visuals and having a girl lip synch to the voice of a plainer looking girl. But both these things are standard Hollywood fair and practice. Hollywood is all about false smiles and good looks and appearances clean and plenty. Even janitors live in million dollar houses on TV!

Then there’s the most laughable and pitiful and saddest criticism of them all. It’s all about Chinese politics. This from the same news media, if they can be called that, that worshipped every move George W Bush made. Every violation of civil and human rights. This is the same media that ignores that the biggest companies in this country encouraged the Chinese to block organizing labour in the construction of Olympic facilities, even threatening to pull money if they don’t suppress labour! This is the same media that suppressed for years dissent and embedded themselves as PR reps for the US military in Iraq.

Yes, we don’t like to think that we are like the Chinese when we put political protesters behind barbed wire or blocks away from political conventions where their voices will never be heard by those whom they would protest.

Yes, somehow when we suppress dissent, torture people, violate people’s privacy and civil rights and even try to change the Constitution to suit a Political-Religious agenda, we think we are different. It’s OK for us but evil of them.

Take a look around. See where this country is heading. Ask why politicians and justices whom are charged with upholding the Constitution treat it as no better than soiled toilet paper.

If you don’t care about yourself, ask yourself if this kind of Corporate Governed Police State is what you want your kids growing up in.

And don’t wait too long. The boulder is already in motion and it’s getting harder and harder to make it stop. It soon will crush us all.

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