Cops & Bullies: One And The Same

It’s interesting to watch early episodes of COPS in which the producers tried to present squeaky clean looking cops who kissed their girlfriends and played with their kids then went out into the big bad evil world of policing.

It’s interesting because while the producers try to humanize these folks and try to make us go, "Aw, he’s a real type of guy." We see them at work where often they and their attitudes are the primary source of provocation in dealing with suspects and known criminals. it’s hard to sympathize with a jack-booted thug who is causing his own problems. It wouldn’t surprise me if proper follow ups were available to see that the injury rate of these officers was high as well as complaints against. It would be interesting to see how their kids grow up adopting these same attitudes. The high school bully and the teenage rapist come quickly to mind.

The producers quickly discovered that this approach was flawed and changed it after the first season. They knew that it was obvious to viewers that these cops with attitudes were the problems and were doing things that if they weren’t hiding behind a badge would be considered battery amongst other crimes. COPS quickly moved to the talky non-threatening cop who moralized just the right amount. COPS never had the courage to show the police breaking down doors of little old ladies homes and harassing someone because of their age and skin colour or car who didn’t have drugs. COPS has always white-washed the police activities and the growing violence used by cops against citizens guilty of nothing more than being in the same vicinity as the cop.

The police is a breeding ground for bullies and thugs with guns and batons whom a public falsely scared about its safety has given more and more leeway into thuggary and abuse.

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