Time Warner vs LIN Broadcasting


Two ugly media corporations. Normally their business is their business but LIN is playing games with their retransmission agreement demanding around $2.1M per year for two local channels. They have presented one-sided news stories and editorials about this both online and on-air.

The LIN news programs have always been suspect in my opinion. Much too emotional and silly and full of puppy dog stories, lost and otherwise. But  using news and editorials and viewers to manipulate your business deals is stepping way over a line. Save it for advertising time if that’s the game you want to play.

The principal station of the two (the other is more or less inconsequential) earned $27.5M in advertising revenues. That means they want approximately 10% of their revenues to come from cable carriage.

There will be a last minute extension announced then a settlement of indeterminate amounts. That’s almost too bad. LIN has everything to lose. They can’t afford to lose 60% of its viewership. Time Warner could just hold out till the negotiations break. LIN afraid of losing all that revenue would demand carriage under Must Carry and Time Warner would have to pay LIN nothing.

Normally I wouldn’t care but LIN’s being greedy and play with what is supposed to be news. They deserve to lose this one in my not so humble opinion.

This is not just something local. LIN owns 10 televisions stations and they are playing this same game with all those stations.

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