Microsoft’s QnA: Racist and Politically Biased?


QnA has become a haven for McCain Zoombies. People who post endless and often absurd ‘questions’ about their hero.

If that’s how these people want to spend their time that’s fine with me, and their garbage talk really changes no one’s mind.

But something very disturbing about the behaviours of the QnA Censors have become very apparent. That is that they have a clear propensity to delete more often any posts and/or comments that put McCain in a negative light while leaving up those posts that put Obama in a negative light, often vile and absurd posts.

And it goes even further. People are being banned. Guess who is being being banned? It wasn’t he three people who literally stalked me posting insults and non-answers to my posts despite the QnA people having been informed of their activities.

Let’s take a quick look at the type of posts deleted.

One post took official government statistics regarding the DOW index, start and end, for the previous two administrations. Pure statistics. The question asked if McCain would not continue Bush’s failed economic policies increasing debt and spending?

Somehow that question was deemed in violation of the QnA Code of Conduct/ Terms of Service while dozens of Obama will bankrupt the country in a day questions ere allowed to remain online unchecked.

Another question:

Why are people afraid to say "Hussein"?

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! There I said it… Why has it become so cowardly "taboo" to speak Obama’s middle name? Is he embarrassed by it, or are American’s just afraid to say it, because it is a Muslim name and we’re not supposed to associated Obama with being a Muslim?

That ‘question’ remains despite it long being debunked that Obama is anything but a Christian. But the following answer was removed for violating CoC/ToS:

Because some people use those words as codewords for the ‘N-word.

And then there’s this classic post, reported by users but still online, not a violation of the CoC/ToS:

When John McCain wins will he hire obama as his butler and call him Benson?
Like from the tv series soap?

I could post dozens of examples. The pattern is clear. Microsoft QnA censors are removing posts favouring Obama and keeping often the most vile and ignorant posts that favour McCain.

While commenting on other removed posts, sometimes wrongly, not one Microsoft employee, Qna employee, QnA or Live MVP or QnA User/Apologist has spoken about the above examples or other.

Of course not. One would look like a fool to try to. The pattern of behaviour of the QnA censors clearly indicate a political bias that will even tolerate racism in its methods.

I will not be driven off before the election, but after that this former MVP will not come back to QnA and will think and speak of it with the contempt that it has generated for itself.

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