Microsoft’s QnA Should Be Shutdown!


They un-ban my account, I suppose they think that changes what happened and that I should be eternally grateful.

Nothing has changed as the note below shows.

We’ve removed this question, which you posted on 10/17/2008:

"McCain Stuck In The 50’s?: Another example of McCain being stuck in the distant past is his comment about transplants being covered by the Cadillac of health plans. In reality, transplants are done frequently in this country today, and there are even centers outside of the US who specialize in lo…"

This question was removed because the community and administrators agreed that it doesn’t meet the standards and practices of the QnA community. Content entered as a question should be worded as a question. Each question should have the possibility of an answer from any other member of the community. Get tips on writing a great question.

So still you can call Obama a black monkey tree climbing shit flinging throwback, but ask a serious question about McCain and they will remove it.

Meanwhile a Microsoft QnA employee is even posting fluff questions about Hugs being healing, for example. Fluff questions ARE against the CoC.

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