It’s A PC World


No, not that kind of PC but politically correct. The latest shameful moment of this is David Letterman’s apology for his Sara Palin’s daughter joke.

A few voices object and CBS turns into water and an apology is made. An apology to people who make jokes about Hillary Clinton’s gender. Who call the president of the US an ape, a communist, a terrorist, etc. These are the people crying the loudest.

But it’s not totally a political issue. It’s what’s become of our society which has become so repressed and so cautious that we can’t function. Instead we divert our energies to drugs and other thrill seeking behaviours.

It’s OK to go out and get drunk but not to honestly criticize the people around you. You can insult those ‘Ayrabs’ and blame the Mexicans for all unemployment but you can’t joke about the Palin family’s hypocrisy or your neighbors, or criticize a soldier, a cop, or a business. These are the protected classes.

So, Mr. Letterman and all the awful comics on Comedy Central, please limit your jokes to toilet seats left up and lost remote controls.

It’s a PC world we live. Truth and creativity not welcome here.

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