How To Prove You Are Psychotic


Just announce that you are a republican.

It’s laughable how they are on their old hobby horse about how national health would destroy private insurance. This is what they said in defence of deregulation of broadcasting, finance, insurance and various other industries of corporate greed that have since run themselves and the economy into the ground.

But perhaps it would be a good thing if insurance companies faded into oblivion. They cost up to 30% of budget to administer. Medicare is at 3% max. 30% of billions down the drain.

Then there’s the hired guns, employees who sole job is to find ways to deny claims and cancel policies. Decades of republican rule has not only gained us a huge government growing every year, and massive deficit spending, not to  mention the psychotic invasion of Iraq; they have destroyed what regulatory bodies there are refusing to properly fund them and turning them from consumer protection to corporate protection. Another side effect of this is the previous republican administration being the most corrupt in history.

Republicans practice lies, deceit, fear mongering while stuffing their pockets with bribes from the wealthiest of… let’s call them residents since they are by no means citizens of this once great county. They are bugs who whore off it instead.

So next time you are keen to test your mental health just ask yourself if you are a republican or if you believe their lies. If you say yes, you should seek treatment immediately!

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One Response to How To Prove You Are Psychotic

  1. joy Reardon says:

    I passed!! I’m not psychotic!! Just found your website. Am enjoying reading you blogs.

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