Another Proud Day

Another proud day in the US as republicans hold the people hostage to get an $800+B ($800,000,000,000.00) tax deficit to for the rich. The party of  fiscal responsibility refused $54M to those who paid it in in the form of payroll taxes to get tens of thousands for its wealthy benefactors.

This is a debt you and your kids will pay off for years… nay, decades to come.

The great lie the republicans have been propagating is that the relief for the rich will trickle down on to the middle class and the poor. It’s been ten years and just the reverse has happened. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the middle-class continued to dwindle. Even Reagan’s financial advisor was against these tax cuts (gifts) to the rich.

So thank the republics for bloating the deficit and putting another nail into the casket of the middle-class.

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