On The Medical Front

Another year, another hospital stay another disease.

18 days in cardiac telemetry followed by 7 days of subacute.

Prescription pricing obscene. A year’s insulin at my dosage approx. $10,000! How many people must die or go blind or suffer amputation because they had no insurance and can’t afford $1,000/month for drugs and supplies?

Ask that to republicans who want to destroy healthcare reform.

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2 Responses to On The Medical Front

  1. Debbie says:

    My sympathies to you Paul. I just spent three weeks down in California trying to help my parents with their health issues and I was appalled, for the most part. I live in Canada and am used to universal healthcare, so, it was quite a revelation and not in a good way! The only positive thing I can say is that the hospice care for those who are terminally ill is very good, once it is established. The hard part is getting there. Too much red tape and rigamarole. Is there no subsidy you can apply for to help pay your meds? Many Americans get their drugs from Canada – much cheaper. Would that be an option for you? Talk to your doctor; perhaps he or she can help with that.

  2. chichipaul says:

    My health insurance (thanks Pres. Obama for that) does pay for my insulin, but what happens if I lose that? And what happens to those with no insrance and incomes too large for welfare?

    Dealing with insrance is incredibly difficult. Example, it took them weeks to approve medically needed durable goods. They said my test strips weren’t covered (pharmacist argued with supervisor that they were. thanks to him!), disallowed claims for ultrasound saying that they were done in an inapropriate place (a hospital???), etc.

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