Some Drugs Are Not Happy Drugs

One of the statin class of drugs I was taking for cholesterol backfired causing me to lose strength in my legs and go into kidney failure. 18 days after being discharged from the hospital because of diabeties, I was back again for another 16 days.

The doctors kept telling me it would take a long time to get back to my base but instead it took only 3 before I could get in and out of bed and travelin’ about the hospital in a wheelchair. OK, I went to the Subway in the food court.

So instead of going to subacute I have services, Nurse, OT, PT coming to my home. This is working out better than I expected but will soon be coming to an end.

Starting with new cardiologist next week. Should be interesting.

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2 Responses to Some Drugs Are Not Happy Drugs

  1. Ariachne says:

    How are you doing, Paul? I enjoy your blog and numerology/birthday calculator. Have seen so many problems with folks taking Statin drugs, sorry to hear you had problems and hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the cool stuff on your websites.

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