Drug Wars

I was told around 2pm yesterday that I would be coming to the Erie County Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility for some physical reconditioning after a stay in hospital. I was brought here after 7 PM.

The times are important because it means they knew for at least 5 hours that I would be coming.

After a couple of hours I asked when my meds would be coming. I was told soon.

In fact, as I was to discover they didn’t have my meds, or so they say. I asked one ‘nurse’ why she was testing my glucose when she had no insulin to give me. WHAT? No insulin for a diabetic!

At 1 AM I discover that my drugs came in at midnight. 30 minutes go bye and still nothing. So I go down a long corridor with no oxygen huffing and puffing and find the nurse chatting with her fellow employee and friend.

Now, she then says she can only give me the hydrocodone, that I couldn’t get the neurontin for neuropathic pain, the ranexa for angina, aspirin, acting as a blood thinner because I would be getting them 8 hours later.

And to top it off, no xanax (for sleep) because it was scheduled for 9 PM the next day.

Are you insane?

So I spent the night up all night with burning feet and bad angina. Plus acid indigestion because the zantac hadn’t arrived she said.

Almost forgot no snack to maintain my blood sugar level overnight. I asked three times I told her. Snotty answer: “Did you think they don’t have any?” Well, I said, why didn’t they tell me that, like adults do? Turns out they did have an egg salad sandwich, at 11 PM.

No meds this morning till 9:30 AM next day.

All of this to me signifies incompetence and negligence, if not neglect.

You don’t accept a patient/resident when you are unprepared and lacking critical meds.

Only a fool would give a sleeping medication at 9 PM, withhold it for 15 hours, and withhold late pain and heart medication for 8 hours.

You don’t have to be a physician or a nurse to realize these things.

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