Sweet As Cherry Pie

What happens when your blood sugar is controlled with no or next to no insulin for a month or more?

Well, if you are staying at ECMC’s Nursing Facility your blood glucose level shoots up 150 mg in one day.

Could it possibly be caused by all the stress the staff creates?

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4 Responses to Sweet As Cherry Pie

  1. Jan Farrell says:

    Just found this blog, discovered you are a fellow Buffalonian, and you haven’t posted since September. Are you OK?

    Jan Farrell

    • chichipaul says:

      Just busy. I should get into the habit of posting regularly.


      • Jan Farrell says:

        Good. Your last few posts having your ‘coconut’ split open and high insulin levels made me a bit worried. I’ve subscribed with a reader and am looking forward to more posts! ~Jan

      • chichipaul says:

        Yeah, I had a bad experience at skilled nursing this autumn. Roll of the dice. They used to be the best. That’s what the posts refered to. I’m home now and things are going well. Thanks!

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