Toys Glorious Toys

Just in time for Summer I got a newer, bigger, stronger window A/C unit. My old unit was 5 years old and was gasping to perform even minimally.

I also now have a ceiling fan/light in the kitchen to stir the air and provide some cooling for those in the kitchen, the center of most homes.

Both have the convenience of remote controls.

So what? Big deal. Well, for me it is. Last Summer’s heat and humidity put me in the hospital and sub-acute care for a month with a Dx of severe decompensation. That’s where your chronic illnesses haven’t changed but your body’s ability to deal with those illnesses has decreased.

It is my hope that better environmental control will keep me out of the hospital this Summer.

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2 Responses to Toys Glorious Toys

  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like your comfort level will be much improved this summer. I can somewhat relate, but, on a much lesser scale, of course. Humidity wreaks havoc with my asthma. Stay cool, my friend! 😀

  2. chichipaul says:

    I didn’t know you were asthmatic. 😦

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