Attack Of The Medical Vampyre!

Yes, today was the day. I could taste the blood as it flowed from me into the medical vampyre’s cold glass-like system through a sharp and cold spear shining with the morning sunlight.

He was bigger than I. His hands were those of a giant. He knew what he wanted and he was certain to get it: Blood! My blood! I had no chance of resisting him. He was as is a gargoyle coming down upon me.

Three vials where filled by the force of vacuum. I was weak from lack of food or drink. One vile was  for an A1C test, another for Cholesterol and the final a Complete Metabolic Panel.

These three would govern my life for the next year. Was I anemic, cholesterol laden, was my blood glucose under control or rising wildly causing unforeseen nerve damage?

The Medical Vampyre would know with-in a day, 6 days for me.

I will return and tell you whether the Medical Vampyre says Yay or Nay to my weary soul.

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2 Responses to Attack Of The Medical Vampyre!

  1. Jessa York says:

    Hi Paul from CostaRica JungleWoman;

    I recently came across your name’s and birthday calculator. Your are an absolute genius. I have been around the metaphsyical world for over 25 years. Let me say this….YOU ARE A TOO VALUABLE SPIRIT TO CHECK OUT YET?

    If I may suggest a couple of youtube videos Dolores Cannon “Convoluted Universe” and Caroline Myss ” on Why People Don’t Heal”.

    Right now, my astrological chart is taking me on a wild ride. So I am looking forward to this next stage in my life.

  2. Karin says:

    Keep us posted, dear Paul!!!

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