Lynch Syndrome

I Have Lynch SyndromeRecently Roswell Park Cancer Institute Genetics Services tested me for Lynch Syndrome a genetic mutation in which a gene is malformed; this gene helps suppress cancer growth and without it there is an uptake in the prevalence of many cancers most especially colorectal cancer with a 400%-800% probability of appearing and a 50/50 chance of passing the gene malformation unto your children.

I took the test, a simple but expensive test if your insurance doesn’t cover it due to the amount of cancers on my father’s side of the family and after a long wait of 3-1/2 weeks I received a phone call saying the test came back positive and that because of the high familial cancer rate I’d be in the 800% chance of colorectal cancer.

Very bad news. You see because of my bad heart and lungs I can’t have surgery or chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Good news regular colonoscopies will usually pickup cancerous polyps so they put me on 6 month screenings.

There are additional screenings such as an Upper-GI ever  few years, Urine testing for Bladder cancer, and more. There are additional tests beyond those for men for women such as Uterine cancer.

I’m posting this because most people aren’t aware of Lynch Syndrome. At least a few more will if they read this.


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