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7 Responses to About

  1. VictoriAnna says:

    I am a big fan of this site and was shocked to hear that a one Paul Sadowski III passed away early this February. If you would forgive my rudeness, however, could you confirm that this is NOT the Paul Sadowski of this site? It would be sad to know that this will not continue one.


    • chichipaul says:

      Hi, VictoriAnna!

      I’m Paul R. Sadowski of paulsadowski.com, or The Birthday Calculator and I can assure you I am still breathing and as well as I get.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  2. cori kettler says:

    I am quickly becoming a fan….love the way you write and all your wonderful info! But …please start eating PALEO. The paleo lifewstyle will stop your diabetes and help your heart…promise!
    I just had a numerology chart created and I have no idea how to read it..and I dont think the creator gave me enuf info…

  3. christopher martin says:

    Thank you for the Bad Jokes and the Birthday Calculator–I actually laughed a couple of times (which is a rare for me). I got here from a link by Nicolas D. Collette at. Might you and he be friends/acquaintances?

  4. chichipaul says:

    No, I do not know Nicolas.

  5. Karin says:

    This blog of yours I am bookmarking, Paul. Very interesting. Will read more when time allows…. with much love to my friend – Karin.

  6. notmyrealname says:

    Paul, it’s now Jan 29 2013, Tell me you are still alive? I like your website. Do you do private work? Am trying to change name and will only talk privately over the phone. Can pay for this service, but am a retiree on a limited income. Here’s an email address for you to reply: tertso@gmail.com. If you would, please include your phone number in the subject line. Don’t die damn it. We need you around. that is I do, selfishly, until i get my name changed. I want to be a rockstar and lucky, got any of those names lying around for an old broad?

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